Can you open an InDesign file in Illustrator?

Can I open an InDesign file in Illustrator?

Fortunately the same Acrobat trick works for InDesign to Illustrator.

  1. Export the file from InDesign as a PDF.
  2. Open the PDF in Acrobat.
  3. Choose Save As and then choose Rich Text Format.
  4. In Illustrator, choose Place and then select the RTF document.
  5. Flow the text into Illustrator.

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What software can open InDesign files?

How to Open an INDD File. Adobe InDesign is the primary software used to work with INDD files. However, you can also view one with Adobe InCopy and QuarkXPress (with the ID2Q plugin). WeAllEdit is another viewer that you can sign up for to view and make changes to an INDD file through their website.

Can you copy and paste from InDesign to Illustrator?

Of course, you can also copy InDesign objects and paste them into Illustrator. Once again, this is best done with simple vectors. A few other blog posts on the subject: Why sometimes you may get more than one object when you paste.

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How do I open an Indd file without InDesign?

Adobe InCopy

Just like InDesign, InCopy is also developed by Adobe Systems, as one of the tools under Adobe Creative Cloud. And it runs in sync with Adobe InDesign to create and open an INDD file without InDesign. The software is supported on both Windows and macOS.

What is the difference between Illustrator and InDesign?

Illustrator is capable of creating multi-page projects but InDesign is the superior multi-page option. InDesign has a Master Page function, which allows users to edit numerous pages without editing them individually. Furthermore, InDesign is ideal for multi-page, as it automatically numbers pages.

How do I import an Illustrator file into InDesign?

Open the Illustrator file you want to place into the InDesign document, and select “File” from the main menu, then scroll to “Save As.” Type a file name into the “Save As” text field, then click the pull-down menu next to “Format.” Choose “Illustrator EPS” as the file format type, then click “Save.”

Can I open InDesign files in Photoshop?

Though Photoshop doesn’t directly open InDesign project files, the two programs are closely related. Both are part of Adobe’s Creative Suite 6 package, so the programs share common file formats. InDesign exports INDD files as PDFs, which Photoshop opens and imports.

Can you edit InDesign files without InDesign?

It’s possible for non-InDesign users to edit, review, approve and translate existing InDesign files online using one2edit™ ( A simple text editor allows them to see their changes ‘in context’, exactly as it will appear in print.

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Can Lucidpress open InDesign files?


Using our Indesign import feature, designers can upload their finished Adobe InDesign files to Lucidpress, then allow team members to make their own edits. That way, the original file stays safe and coworkers never have to wait for changes.

Why is my Illustrator file pixelated in InDesign?

By default, InDesign is set to display images using the Typical view, with Proxy images for Raster and Vector. This means that you will see low-resolution images by default. But you can change this behavior. Go to InDesign > Preferences (Mac) or File > Preference (Windows) and click on Display Performance.

Open a layout in Adobe InDesign CS3 or CS4. Choose File > Place. In the Place dialog box, check Show Import Options, then select the Illustrator file you saved in Step 2, and click the Open button. A Place PDF dialog will appear on your screen.

Can you create a vector file in InDesign?

You can create Vector Smart Objects from InDesign in Photoshop files. Select the objects in InDesign, copy, and then paste into Photoshop. You won’t get a choice as to how to paste; the artwork automatically creates a Vector Smart Object.

How do I open an Indd file in PDF?

You can open an INDD file by simply double-clicking the INDD file or selecting File → Open…. InDesign documents can also be opened with InCopy, Adobe’s professional writing program.

What can I use instead of InDesign?

The 7 best InDesign alternatives

  1. Affinity Publisher 1.8. Now featuring IDML import, Affinity Publisher is our go-to InDesign alternative (Image credit: Serif) …
  2. VivaDesigner. VivaDesigner is a seriously viable alternative to InDesign (Image credit: VIVA) …
  3. Xara Page & Layout Designer 11. …
  4. QuarkXPress. …
  5. Scribus. …
  6. Swift Publisher. …
  7. LucidPress.
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Can QuarkXPress open InDesign files?

To Open an InDesign file in QuarkXPress using ID2Q, choose the “Convert InDesign…” menu item from the “Markzware” menu in QuarkXPress. Navigate to and choose the Adobe InDesign document that you would like to open in QuarkXPress and then click the “Open” button.

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