Can’t make a compound path illustrator?

Why can’t I make a compound path in Illustrator?

The trouble you were running into is because of how you are cutting out your paths. Because you are using a group of paths and one compound path to cut out, Illustrator has to make an assumption about what color you want your fill to be of the compound path.

How do I make a compound path in Illustrator?

Cut a hole in an object using a compound path

  1. Select the object to use as a hole, and position it so that it overlaps the object to cut. Repeat for any additional objects you want to use as holes.
  2. Select all the objects you want to include in the compound path.
  3. Choose Object > Compound Path > Make.

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What is the difference between a path and a compound path in Illustrator?

The main difference is that Compound Paths are “flat” or destructive. Meaning once you combine multiple paths into one, your ability to edit the paths is limited. Compound Shapes are non-destructive and provide a different level of editing. Each have pros and cons, so both are needed in Illustrator.

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What is a compound path in Adobe Illustrator?

A compound path contains two or more paths that are painted so that holes appear where paths overlap. When you define objects as a compound path, all objects in the compound path take on the paint and style attributes of the backmost object in the stacking order.

How do you convert a compound path to a shape?


What is compound release path?

Compound paths determine how a design is filled with color and it all goes back to that hollowed out effect we discussed above. Let’s say you have a tie design that you want to print and cut. … Well then you need to release the compound path (select > right click > release compound path) between the tie and the dots.

How do I convert a path to a shape in Illustrator?

To turn a stroke in Adobe Illustrator into a shape that you can edit, you must change it into a compound path. A compound path makes the outline of the stroke editable.

Converting a Stroke to a Shape in Illustrator

  1. Select “Object” from the menu.
  2. Select “Path” from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select “Outline Stroke.”

How do you overlap shapes in Illustrator?

I will use the example like @JohnB’s.

  1. Select all of the shapes that are interacting.
  2. Select the Shape Builder Tool. ( Shift-M)
  3. Click and drag on the areas you wish to overlap. You will notice a mesh area like the one in the picture. …
  4. The end result will appear the same as @JohnB’s example.
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How do you combine text and shapes in Illustrator?

To make your live type merge correctly with path objects, choose “Create Outlines” from the Type menu. Illustrator turns your text into vector objects with the size, shape, fill and stroke you applied to your type.

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