How do I change the zoom tool in Illustrator?

Command Windows Shortcut Mac Shortcut
Zoom Out Ctrl+Alt+spacebar Command+Option+spacebar

How do I turn off Scrubby Zoom in Illustrator?

Illustrator = Preferences > Performance > GPU > Uncheck Animated Zoom.

How do I enable scrubby zoom?

With the Zoom selected in the Tools panel, look at the top of your window where the tool settings are displayed. You will see 3 check boxes. Make sure your Scrubby Zoom is now enabled.

What is Scrubby Zoom?

Scrubby Zoom lets you control precisely how much, and the location of where, you want to zoom in on your image. … Dragging your mouse to the left will zoom out of your image. Remember to position the cursor over the subject you want to look at, as Scrubby Zoom will go into this area.

How do you Unzoom in Illustrator?

Hold down Alt and click in the center of the area that you want to reduce. Choose View > Zoom In (or View) > Zoom Out. Set the zoom level at the lower left corner of the main window or in the Navigator panel.

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How do you use the zoom tool in Illustrator?

You can navigate the work area of Adobe Creative Suite (Adobe CS5) Illustrator efficiently by using the Hand tool and the various zoom controls.

Navigate the Illustrator Work Area with Zoom Controls.

Command Windows Shortcut Mac Shortcut
Zoom In to Selected Area Ctrl+spacebar+drag Command+spacebar+drag
Zoom Out Ctrl+Alt+spacebar Command+Option+spacebar

How do I reset Illustrator to default settings?

There are two levels of resetting your preferences, the first and more commonly known is to:

  1. Windows users: Press and hold Alt+Control+Shift as you start Illustrator.
  2. Mac OS users: Option+Command+Shift as you start Illustrator.

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Why is my scrubby zoom not working?

To fix, you must go to Photoshop/Preferences/Performance and mark the option ˜Use Graphics Processor“. Them you must click on the Advanced Settings icon and mark all the inside sub-icons. Mark the advanced mode ass well. Thats it, enjoy the Scrubby Zoom again.

How do I enable scrubby zoom in Illustrator?

You need to go to Preferences > GPU Performance… and check the box next to “Enable Animated Zoom”. Once you have done this, clicking and dragging with the zoom tool will give you the smooth scrubby zoom effect. You can also press z and drag the mouse.

How do I enable graphics processor?

Choose Edit > Preferences > Performance (Windows) or Photoshop > Preferences > Performance (macOS). In the Performance panel, make sure that Use Graphics Processor is selected in the Graphics Processor Settings section.

How do I fix zoom in Photoshop?

To change between zooming in and out, you can use the tool options at the top of the screen, or zoom out by pressing and holding the Alt or Option key while using the tool. You can also use the mouse’s scroll wheel, or edit the zoom percentage reading at the bottom of the Photoshop screen.

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How do I reset the zoom tool in Photoshop?

Go up to the top-left of the Options bar and click on the little arrow just to the left of the zoom icons. From the drop-down menu choose Reset Tool.

How do I turn off Scrubby Zoom in InDesign?

Select the Zoom tool in the Toolbar (highlighted in red below). Next in the Option bar turn off Scrubby Zoom.

How do you scale in Illustrator?

Do one of the following:

  1. To scale from the center, choose Object > Transform > Scale or double-click the Scale tool .
  2. To scale relative to a different reference point, select the Scale tool and Alt‑click (Windows) or Option‑click (Mac OS) where you want the reference point to be in the document window.

How do you save panel locations and visibility preferences?

You can save panel locations and visibility preferences by choosing Window > Workspace > New Workspace to create custom work areas and to make it easier to find the controls that you need.

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