How do you change the size of the interface in Photoshop?

Although you can’t change the size of Photoshop’s interface (unless you change the resolution of your monitor), you can choose between Small, Medium and Large Font size using Preferences >Interface > Text > UI Font Size.

How do I make my Photoshop interface smaller?

Within Photoshop CC itself play around with a couple of settings including going to:

  1. Edit.
  2. Preferences.
  3. Interface.
  4. Change “UI Scaling” to 100%
  5. Change “UI Font Size” to Medium.
  6. Hit Okay.
  7. Close and restart Photoshop CC.
  8. Your menus should now be smaller and higher resolution in Photoshop CC.

Why is my Photoshop interface so small?

In Photoshop CC2017, go to Edit > Preferences > Interface. In the Text section, change UI Scaling to 200%.

Why is Photoshop text so small?

To fix this, just correct your Image Size settings by going to Image > Image Size. Uncheck the “Resample” option so that it doesn’t change the pixel dimensions of your document. With this option off, if you’re your document is 1000 pixels wide, it’ll stay 1000 pixels wide no matter what width or height you enter.

How do I change the size of the menu bar in Photoshop?


  1. Right click on the PS icon in the start menu and choose Open File Location.
  2. Right click on the PS icon you see now and choose Properties.
  3. On the Compatibility tab, click Change high-DPI Settings.
  4. Choose System or System (Enhanced) as below.
  5. Click OK and close these Windows.
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How do I increase font size in Photoshop?

Resize the entire text on a type layer

  1. Open the Photoshop document with the text you want to edit. …
  2. Select the Move tool in the toolbar.
  3. In the options bar, do this: …
  4. Click to select the text you want to resize.
  5. In the transform box that appears, drag one of the anchor points to resize your text proportionally.

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How do I make my workspace bigger in Photoshop?

Change the canvas size

  1. Choose Image > Canvas Size.
  2. Do one of the following: Enter the dimensions for the canvas in the Width and Height boxes. …
  3. For Anchor, click a square to indicate where to position the existing image on the new canvas.
  4. Choose an option from the Canvas Extension Color menu: …
  5. Click OK.

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What is UI font size in Photoshop?

Adobe Photoshop. To change the font size for Photoshop’s interface, choose Preference > Interface > UI Font size and enable Scale UI To Font. UI Font size set to Small. UI Font size set to Large.

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