You asked: How do I change the crop size in Lightroom?

How do I change the crop tool in Lightroom?

The Crop tool is found in Lightroom’s Develop Module. Either grab it from the toolbar or hit R (even if you’re in the Library Module, pressing R takes you to the Develop Module’s Crop tool). You can also press Cmd/Ctrl+Alt+R to reset a crop.

How do I resize in Lightroom?

To resize your image, you need to select the “Resize to Fit” box. If you don’t need to enlarge the photo, check the box “Don’t enlarge” to make sure that Lightroom won’t do it. Remember that enlarging always decreases the image quality. In the drop-down menu you can choose between several resizing options.

How do I crop to a specific size?

How to Crop Images in Photoshop

  1. Open up the image you want to crop. …
  2. Select the crop tool in the left toolbar.
  3. Click on the first dropdown option after the crop tool in the top toolbar. …
  4. Enter in the dimensions you’d like for width and height, being sure to add the unit of measurement you want to use after (px OR in).
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How do you mass crop in Lightroom?

Select all the images in Grid view in the Library module in Lightroom. Open the Quick Develop panel on the right and, from the Crop Ratio dropdown list, select the crop ratio that you want to crop to. For example you can crop to fixed ratios such as 1 by 1 or printing sizes such as 5×7, 4×6 and so on.

Why does Lightroom reduce file size?

Judging by your screenshot, it’s because you’re resizing them and exporting them as a JPEG file. Those 25MB files you have are probably RAW files straight from the camera. You have the Resize to Fit option checked in the Image Sizing section. This is going to resize the image, making it smaller.

How do I resize an image?

On the site, click the “Choose Images” button, and then find and select the images you want to resize. You can choose a single images or hundreds at once. Click the “Open” button when you’re ready. On the next screen, you can choose how to resize the image—Scale, Longest Side, Width, Height, or Exact Size.

How do I change the size of a photo for printing?

Change the print dimensions and resolution

  1. Choose Image > Image Size.
  2. Change the print dimensions, image resolution, or both: …
  3. To maintain the current ratio of image width to image height, select Constrain Proportions. …
  4. Under Document Size, enter new values for the height and width. …
  5. For Resolution, enter a new value.

How do I crop and resize a photo?

What you learned: To crop and straighten an image

  1. Select the Crop tool in the Tools panel. …
  2. Drag any edge or corner to adjust the size and shape of the crop border.
  3. Drag inside the crop border to position the image inside the crop border.
  4. Drag outside a corner of the crop border to rotate or straighten.
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How do I crop a custom image?

Crop to a specific shape

  1. In your file, select the picture that you want to crop to a specific shape.
  2. Click the Format Picture tab. …
  3. Under Adjust, click the arrow next to Crop, point to Mask to Shape, point to a type of shape, and then click the shape that you want to crop the picture to.

How do you crop a lot of pictures at once?

Select the crop tool from the left menu bar or by pressing C. Next, to begin cropping, simply drag one of the corner or side handles towards the center of the photo. In case you want to change the position of the picture within the border, just click and drag on it.

How do I resize multiple images in Lightroom?

How to Resize Multiple Images in Lightroom

  1. Step 1: Import Images. When you first open Lightroom, you’ll be faced with a screen similar to this. …
  2. Step 2: Export. The images you have just imported should now be showing up in their own window. …
  3. Step 3: Resizing Options. After you have clicked to export your photos, you’ll see a final pop-up window.

How do I copy a crop in Lightroom?


  1. Select image, make the crop.
  2. Shift+Ctrl/Cmd+C to choose the edits you wish to copy.
  3. Ensure Crop under the Tools drop-down is checked, plus any other settings you want to batch apply, then click on the Copy button.
  4. Then select the images that you want to apply the copied settings to.

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