Your question: How do you make the menu bigger in Illustrator?

How do I make the tools bigger in Illustrator?

  1. Do one of the following: (Windows) Choose Edit > Preferences > User Interface. …
  2. Adjust the UI Scaling slider. …
  3. Select the Scale Cursor Proportionately option to scale the cursor icons in proportion to the UI.
  4. To apply this setting, relaunch Illustrator.

How do you resize something in Illustrator?

Select all the objects you wish to resize then click Object -> Transform -> Scale. You can scale uniformly and preserve ratio or independently for each axis, but do remember to tick the Scale Strokes & Effects box. Afterwards, resize the Artboard independently.

How do you change the size of an interface in Illustrator?

Open Illustrator > Preferences > User Interface > …

Change the UI Scaling slider setting (any direction) Click on OK. Restart Illustrator as instructed. If the new UI scale is not comfortable after this change, simply change it back and the panels will continue to scale correctly.

How do I change the size of my toolbar?

Changing the toolbar icon sizes

  1. Go to Edit -> Preferences.
  2. Select Toolbars tab.
  3. Select Icon size that you need to change -> click OK.
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Why is my eraser drawing in Illustrator?

This happens when the layer that you are attempting to apply the eraser is not converted to smart object. – Erase to your heart’s content.

How do you show all tools in Illustrator?

@scottm777, From the top right corner of Illustrator, click on Essentials > Reset essentials. This should bring back all your tools and panels. @scottm777, From the top right corner of Illustrator, click on Essentials > Reset essentials. This should bring back all your tools and panels.

Where is the control panel in Adobe Illustrator?

By default, the Control panel is docked at the top of the workspace, but you can (like many of the other panels) move it around the screen. The options displayed in the Control panel vary depending on the type of object or tool you select.

How do I resize an image without distorting in Illustrator?

Currently, if you want to resize an object (by clicking and dragging a corner) without distorting it, you need to hold down the shift key.

How do you make an interface smaller in Indesign?

Select the Appearance and Personalization tab. Choose Make text and other items larger or smaller under the Display section. Select Smaller – 100% from the three options available.

How do I fix Illustrator?

How to repair an Illustrator file

  1. Install Recovery Toolbox for Illustrator on your computer.
  2. Start Recovery Toolbox for Illustrator.
  3. Please select a damaged AI file on first page of repair wizard in Recovery Toolbox for Illustrator.
  4. Select file name for new recovered file.
  5. Press on Save file button.
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How do I change the toolbar size in Photoshop cs6?


  1. Right click on the PS icon in the start menu and choose Open File Location.
  2. Right click on the PS icon you see now and choose Properties.
  3. On the Compatibility tab, click Change high-DPI Settings.
  4. Choose System or System (Enhanced) as below.
  5. Click OK and close these Windows.

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